Dr Geoff Workman is one of the most trusted and experienced orthopaedic practices in Newcastle. We have years of practical experience, both in private and public healthcare facilities, with particular focus on injuries on the hip and knee.

Meet Our Practitioners

Dr Geoffrey Workman

Dr Geoffrey Workman, MBBS (Hons), FRACS Ortho

Dr Geoffrey Workman is the founding surgeon at Hunter Hip and Knee. He has over 7 years of public and private practice in the Newcastle area.

Dr Workman completed his undergraduate degree with first class honours from the University of New South Wales in 1997. He then undertook extensive orthopaedic training in Sydney and took his fellowship in hip and knee surgery with Dr Jim Sullivan and Dr Ali Gursel.

Since finishing his studies, Dr Workman has traveled overseas to study and research about computer assisted techniques that optimise component placement in surgery. For almost a decade, he has honed his skills and expertise in anterior approach total hip replacement surgery. This technique allows for faster recovery time for patients and more rapid return to functional activities. He has likewise undergone advanced training in knee ligament reconstruction surgery and management of the multi ligament damaged knee.

At time of writing, Dr Workman is affiliated with the Lingard Private Hospital, John Hunter Hospital, and the Royal Newcastle Centre.

Patient Care Above Anything Else

What makes Dr Geoff Workman is different from other practices is our method of treating our patients. Since our aim is to provide optimised patient care and treatment, we do not treat all injuries similarly. Even if our patients have similar injuries, we make sure that we give them high quality care by customising their surgery depending on their current needs.

Before deciding on any kind of care and treatment, we first assess our patients holistically. We then evaluate the expectations of our patients, walk them through the whole treatment plan, and undertake tailor-fitted surgeries using the combination of traditional and advanced surgical techniques.

After each surgery, we talk our patients through the whole post-surgery aftercare in order to ensure that they heal correctly. This prevents potential damages from being accrued. With our combination of holistic patient assessment, customised treatment plans, precise surgeries, and detailed aftercare, we ensure that our patients experience first-class hip or knee bone and join treatment and care in Dr Geoff Workman.

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Patient Information Forms and Other Requirements Needed Before Consultation

To prevent issues and problems in the consultation, you are required to fill out and bring the following:

  • Medicare or Veterans’ Affairs card
  • Referral from your GP or other doctor
  • Health Fund Membership card
  • X-rays and any other scans
  • Workers Compensation or CTP claim details and approval

After booking an appointment with us, you need to fill out our privacy consent form and patient information sheets.

Pre Op and Post Op Consultation

Dr Geoff Workman takes pride in our effective methodology when it comes to treating our patients.

Before even thinking of our treatment plan, Dr Workman will holistically assess the patient and devise a treatment plan that is tailor-fit to his or her current injury.  The doctors will also explain and walk the patients through the treatment plan before formally conducting it to calibrate and set their expectations. The aim is to be able to fasten the recovery time of our patients in order for them to be functional as soon as possible.

To optimise and maximise our Hunter hip and knee treatment plans, we also expect due diligence from our patients when it comes to following doctor’s orders. Physical examinations, x-rays, blood tests, and other required examinations before and after surgery must be done to prevent further injuries from being accrued.

Get Only the Best Hunter Hip and Knee Treatment

The main goal of Dr Geoff Workman is to be able to help people have access to quality patient care and treatment in Newcastle. Our holistic method of treating patients, from assessment and evaluation, to post-surgery advice and aftercare, ensures that the health and safety of our patients are our highest priorities. If you have any questions or enquiries about us and our operation, you may reach us by calling 02 4963 3393 or by sending a message at [email protected].