Being among the largest joints of the body, the hip joint is perhaps one of the most vital and valuable. It is the one responsible for bearing the weight of the whole body during common activities like walking, running, or even just standing. It also gives people the ability to perform these activities with a great deal of flexibility when it comes to the range of motion without sacrificing the body’s stability. Arthritis is a common disease for hip joint pain. If you are filling pain in your hips and doing simple activities like walking and sitting on a chair is becoming painful or difficult, your doctor would advise you to use walking supports. If the supports do not work anymore, your surgeon might recommend you undergo a hip related surgery.

Hip Related Surgical Procedures

  • Direct Anterior Approach Hip Reconstruction

One of the specialities of the Dr Geoff Workman is the Direct Anterior Approach to total hip replacement surgeries. The Direct Anterior Approach is not a new technique in the field, but our practice is adapting this approach in a completely different level.

The primary benefit to using the Direct Anterior Approach is it does not divide the muscles and its attachments, which lessens the possibility of additional injuries for patients. It is a minimal invasive technique which optimises the time of recovery for patients in order to help then return to functional activities as soon as possible.

  • Total Hip Replacement

In total hip replacement, also called hip arthroplasty, prosthetic components replace damaged bones and cartilage. Basically, the steps include: removal of the damaged femoral head and its replacement using a metal stem, placing of a metal or ceramic ball, removal of the damaged cartilage surface of the socket and its replacement with a metal socket, and insertion of a plastic, metal, or ceramic spacer between the new ball and socket. Read More

how to care for your hips
  • Revision Total Hip Replacement

After a decade or so, should your hip replacement fail a revision total hip replacement may be recommended by your surgeon. A failure may be caused by wear and tear, repetitive dislocation of the hip replacement, or infection. The reoperation will seek to address the reason for the failure of the new ball and socket of your hips. The assessment is more extensive than the primary total hip replacement procedure. This is because your surgeon will have to look into the extent of damage to the bone surrounding the implant.

  • Gluteal Tendon Repair

Gluteal Tendon Repair surgery is needed when one of the three Gluteus muscles rip or tear. This is quite painful and most commonly can occur from sports injury. Dr Geoff Workman is a specialists surgeon who can help with Gluteal Tendons.

How to Care for Your Hips

Because the hips are one of the most active parts of the body, people can easily fracture, dislocate, and strain their hip bones due to strenuous activities.

Another factor that can be debilitating to your hips are diseases like osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, post traumatic arthritis, avascular necrosis, and childhood hip disease. These diseases can weaken your bones, which puts your hips at most risk, as it supports the weight of your body.

If you need consultation for hip bones and joint conditions, the Dr Geoff Workman is the right surgeon for you. Apart from giving you sound medical advice as to your situation, we can also perform the treatment plan for you. Treatment for hips must be done as soon as possible in order to prevent possible aggravation of your conditions, and start rehabilitation immediately.

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